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Sugar Britches, Who are we?

Sugar Britches, Who are we?

Sugar Britches, Who are we?

Sugar Britches

Posted On: December 27, 2022


About Sugar Britches

Welcome to Sugar Britches, an old-fashioned candy store nestled in historic downtown Rockton, IL. I built this little store for my favorite little town. I wanted to create a destination for families, couples, teenagers, foodies, both local and visitors alike. I wanted to be part of the happiness people feel when they rediscover a piece of their childhood.

We have over 200 jars of bulk candy, 10 drawers of saltwater taffy and a generous offering of your favorite nostalgic candies. But that wasn’t enough for me! I also learned how to make chocolates, caramels, toffee, brittle, marshmallows, turtles and fudge. We make all our chocolate confections using fine Belgian chocolate and manage some seriously unique ingredients. And a lot of booze.


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