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Deedee's 3 Year Anniversary

Deedee's 3 Year Anniversary

Deedee's 3 Year Anniversary

DeeDee's Main Street Coffee & Decor

Posted On: May 17, 2023


It's DeeDee's 3 Year Anniversary this month! Oh my how time Flys by! Blessed beyond measure that We made it thru.

"Thank you to everyone who has continued to Support Our Business!

Many lifelong friendships have been formed here...

I am deeply grateful for not only our customers, but also our friends and family.. Special thanks to My Staff that helped me get here! I am going to Continue to Chase My Dreams and Live em'! Here's to many more Memories to be made in Our Cute Little Village! PSA-Hazel will be making her debut soon!






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Introducing Hazel, DeeDee's Mobile Coffee Camper! Book Now for Private Events or Recommend to Friends!

Introducing Hazel, DeeDee's Mobile Coffee Camper! Book Now for Private Events or Recommend to Friends!

Hey there, friends! We've got some exciting news to share with you. DeeDee's has recently welcomed Hazel, a charming Mobile Coffee Camper, to our lineup! Whether you're planning a private event or know someone who would love to rent her, Hazel is ready to bring the coffee experience to you. Our calendar is filling up fast, so don't wait! Drop a comment below or send us a private message for more information. Help us spread the word by sharing this post with everyone you know. Wishing you a blessed day!



DeeDee's Main St. Coffee & Decor and Their Story

DeeDee's Main St. Coffee & Decor and Their Story

FoundedWe began a new venture, with a leap of faith, the beginning of 2020. This is something I've dreamed of forever however, I never had the opportunity to pursue. After staying at a B&B in Galena and speaking with the Owners about how their Dream started, it opened my Heart on Chasing My Dreams. My husband & I started discussing the possibilities to start an Adventure together but, What How & Where?Dream talk started. We knew We wanted to be Local for sure but, how can this happen? The next afternoon we arrived home to Rockton and simultaneously looked at each other as we saw the FOR RENT sign at 101 W. Main Street. We were of course both thinking the same thing. We made a phone call to schedule a walk through and as they say, "The rest is History".NowThe business has taken many different forms since the beginning of Our Adventure and through much Sacrifice, Love and Chasing Dreams we have started growing into a Wonderful place that the Community can enjoy.We were blessed to become acquainted with a local Roscoe couple who own Snowdrift Coffee, a small batch, craft coffee company specializing in private label roasting and wholesale distribution to local cafes. They agreed to supply "DeeDee's Main Street Coffee" for the shop and boy it is GREAT Coffee.Going ForwardWe will continue to introduce our partners and different stories about our Journey. Thanks for taking the time to tune in and we look forward to your comments and suggestions as we forge ahead.GodSpeed to all.



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