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Versatool & Die Machining and Engineering

Versatool & Die Machining and Engineering
Versatool & Die Machining and Engineering

Versatool & Die Machining and Engineering


2890 Kennedy Dr.,

Beloit , WI

(608) 365-3621

ERSATOOL & DIE MACHINING AND ENGINEERING, INC., owned and operated by Matt Baker, consists of approximately 28,000 square feet of building space. VersaTool began business in the 1940′s, incorporated in the 1960′s. The 30 employees are skilled and experienced machinists, assemblers, tool and die makers and die design engineers.

The wide variety of equipment and experienced staff makes VersaTool & Die a versatile shop capable of handling an array of machining aspects from tools , dies , jigs, and fixtures to production machining, short run stampings, and high volume assembly work.

We realize the importance of our customer’s due dates, as well as, the importance of producing quality components from start to finish per our customer’s specifications. We are proud to be considered a preferred vendor in many areas of the tooling and machining industry. We are currently ISO 9001 certified. It is our ultimate goal to have a strong one-on-one customer relationship and produce high quality tooling for all to prosper. See less

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