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Truffle Gift Box (Dozen)($33)

Truffle Gift Box (Dozen)($33)

Truffle Gift Box (Dozen)($33)

Sugar Britches

Sugar Britches


Always Available

115 W Main St

Rockton, IL

(815) 957-0515

Sugar Britches

Product Details

Snickerdoodle: A brown sugar and cinnamon center dipped in luscious white chocolate and topped with cinnamon sugar.

Cookie Dough: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough dipped in either milk or semi-sweet chocolate

Classic Caramel: An old standby but upgraded with Belgian chocolate, butter cream, and gooey caramel. Seriously good.

Fireball Whiskey Truffle: The rich flavor of Fireball all wrapped up in the perfect mix of milk and semi-sweet chocolate. Tastes like Heaven, burns like Heck.

Bourbon Apple pie: milk chocolate surrounds ganache of bourbon, Apple pie liquor and a hint of allspice. It’s dessert! 

Banging Bailey’s: A milk chocolate ganache with a shot of Irish Whiskey. Need we say more?

Boozy Butterfinger: Milk chocolate, Bailey’s, Butterscotch Schnapps, Kahlua, and Vodka mean this truffle is like a Butterfinger but better.

Blackberry Margarita: white ganache with blackberry, tequila, triple sec and lime juice. 

Lady Glitter Sparkles: Maraschino cherries. grenadine, and vanilla ganache make everything SPARKLE inside and out.

Nutty Nutella: a layer of semi sweet chocolate and Nutella with peanut butter and milk chocolate. 

Chocolate Covered Caramels: Homemade caramels dipped in the finest dark and milk chocolate.

Buckeye Truffle: The perfect combo of creamy peanut butter dipped in semi-sweet chocolat

Hot Chocolate Truffle: A lovely combination of milk and semi-sweet chocolate with malted milk and homemade marshmallows.

Double Dark Truffle: Chocolate, chocolate, and then more chocolate!

Amaretto Amore: A delightful milk chocolate truffle with an amaretto center

Lemon Truffle: Our white chocolate ganache is doubly infused with lemon zest and lemon juice, dipped in white chocolate and topped with lemon sugar. 

Espresso Truffle: semi sweet chocolate infused with espresso powder and topped with an espresso bean. 

White Blueberry: white ganache with Blueberry syrup. Tastes like cake!

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