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Torch Multicultural Barber Shop

Torch Multicultural Barber Shop
Torch Multicultural Barber Shop

Torch Multicultural Barber Shop


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7817 N 2nd St , Machesney Park, IL 61115

(815) 708-8686

Torch Barbershop came about as a result of Jason Johnson’s experimentation on his own hair back in 1989 after his favorite barber was no longer available. Even though then Jason was only 14 years old then, he began cutting his own hair. At first he has some flaws but over time, the artistic nature in Jason took over, and he began perfecting his craft as a Barber. He kept experimenting on his cuts and styles. Pretty soon all his friends became impressed by his razor linings and started asking him if he could cut their hair.

That’s when Jason knew he could become a superb barber. He has been cutting as a licensed barber for close to 14 years now. He runs Torch Barbershop at 7817 Unit C North 2nd St. Machesney Park, IL, near the corner of Harlem Rd. and North 2nd St.

Torch gets its name from the core belief Jason and his team at the barbershop stand for, ‘Teaching Others Responsibility, Character, and Honor’. This barbershop is not your typical location ran by your everyday barbers. At Torch, they strive to brand themselves as a barbershop with higher standards of doing business, interacting with people, and playing the role of counselor in their customer’s lives. They are also their customers’ friends, and at times the only friends some of their customers have.

Torch Barbershop also gives back to the community in the form of free haircuts to kids during the back to school seasons. They also have occasional school supplies drives that help underprivileged youth gain the tools they need to have a productive school life. They are also lifesavers for that crucial business meeting, photo shoot, event or a job interview. Torch Barbershop makes it their responsibility to make sure you look the part and your best.

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