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Sky Carp's 2024 Schedule

Sky Carp's 2024 Schedule

Sky Carp's 2024 Schedule

Beloit Sky Carp

Beloit Sky Carp


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So, What's A Sky Carp?

The moniker "Sky Carp" playfully refers to a non-migrating goose that opts to stay in its hometown during winter. In the context of Beloit, this whimsical term encapsulates the essence of a thriving and innovative city that holds such allure that residents are reluctant to depart.

Historically, like many smaller towns, Beloit grappled with retaining local talent. Post-high school, graduates often flocked to larger cities for college and career opportunities, frequently neglecting to return to their roots. Beloit, too, faced this challenge.

Yet, recent years have witnessed a rejuvenation in Beloit, thanks to investments from the Hendricks family and the community at large. This infusion of support has transformed the city into a dynamic hub, boasting a lively downtown and business district teeming with opportunities, employment prospects, delectable cuisine, entertainment, and housing choices.

The introduction of ABC Supply Stadium further elevates Beloit's trajectory. Serving as a year-round community events center hosting Minor League Baseball, youth and college sports, concerts, fundraisers, and more, the stadium is poised to invigorate downtown Beloit, drawing hundreds of thousands of patrons and contributing to the prosperity of surrounding businesses. As Beloit continues to burgeon, it evolves into not merely a place where residents are content to stay, but a destination that attracts top talent from across the Midwest and the nation.

The mission of Beloit Baseball extends beyond the pursuit of victories on the field; it aspires to triumph off the field, enhancing the quality of life for all in the Stateline region. The goal is to establish Beloit as the premier place to live globally. With a commitment to reinvesting all team profits back into the community, Beloit Baseball endeavors to shape Beloit into a Sky Carp city—so remarkable that even the geese wouldn't dream of leaving!

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