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Mystery Box!

Mystery Box!


Limited Time Offer :
Wednesday, May 17 - Thursday, June 15

1705 Cranston Rd.

Beloit, WI


The Cozy Bin Store!

YOU THOUGHT THE LADIES WERE DONE!!! We are bringing you into the mystery box magic!!!! We are bring out the bad boy pallets and letting you come and help us open and enjoy that Mystery box magic every one loves! The best part will be each piece you find is $4 OR build your own mystery box to the max for only $50! Pack it to the brim as long as you can tape that bad boy up for shipping! Please remember to include tax with your purchase.

Come see us at 1705 Cranston Rd, Beloit WI Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 to 4:30 pm

#familybusiness #Beloit #rummagesale #resellercommunity

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