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A Heartwarming Encounter with Stefanie from Lighthouse Speech Therapy

Lighthouse Speech Therapy, PLLC

Lighthouse Speech Therapy, PLLC

Posted On: September 18, 2023


Meeting Stefanie at Lighthouse Speech Therapy was an absolute delight. As a passionate mother herself, Stefanie pours that same fervor into helping children with their speech development. Her business, Lighthouse Speech Therapy, offers a range of services dedicated to nurturing the communication skills of young ones. When we met to create a video for her business, her dedication shone through as she explained her mission to provide speech therapy services that are both effective and compassionate. Her adorable son, who is about the same age as my daughter, served as a reminder that Stefanie truly understands the challenges of being a working parent in today's fast-paced world. If you're looking for support in speech therapy or just want to witness her passion in action, I highly recommend checking out her business and social media pages to show your support. It's a testament to the care and commitment she brings to every child she helps.

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